Appliance Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

6 thoughts on “Appliance Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

I’m going to have to check the dirt traps in my washing machine and dryer. I’m sure that they are completely full. I was planning on calling a repair company to come out and look at them. I think that I’ll hold off until I make sure that the traps being clogged isn’t the only problem.

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I have noticed that my vacuum is just not sucking up debris like it usually does. Whenever I brush over a patch of carpet, I notice that the bigger particles get left behind. I have cleaned out the tube of the vacuum numerous times and it is all clear. Is it possible that it just stops possessing the same level of suction power over its lifespan?

Knowing the limits of your appliances is a great tip. Using my hand mixer to make bread would probably break the poor thing. When you buy an appliance, make sure you read about it and understand what it’s intended use is.

My husband and I are going to be remodeling our kitchen in a few months and we are going back and forth with our appliances. Our fridge does need some repairs if we want to make it last for the next few years so we will have to look into that. We do want to get a new oven and microwave so we will have to do some research on the insurance and warranties. Thank you for sharing these tips!

Thanks for the tips for taking care of my appliances. It’s good to know that it’s best to avoid overfilling the dish washer and clothes washer. I used to just stuff them full, but now I will avoid doing that.

Great piece of information. Maintenance of home appliances are very necessary if you want a hassle free life. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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