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Smart Home: Sci-Fi Fantasy or Your New Reality?

What is a smart home?

You have your smartphone, your smartwatch, even your smart thermostat. But what’s a smart home? Less than twenty years ago, a smart house was a sci-fi fantasy depicted in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House. Nowadays, a smart home is no longer a fantasy, […]

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HVAC Tips for Buying an Older House


There are a lot of beautiful older homes available in the Minneapolis area, and these older homes come with many benefits—more character and charm, quaint neighborhoods, and a proven sturdy foundation. Unfortunately, an older home typically means that the HVAC system and appliances are also […]

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Home Updates to Increase Your Sale Price


It’s a seller’s market right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider making a few updates before putting your home on the market. While your home may sell either way, performing a few strategic updates could earn you a higher sale price. The key […]

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Should You Install an Automatic Sprinkler System?


Each summer, as the grass steadily turns from freshly-grown green to patchy brown, homeowners are faced with a decision: Should we install a sprinkler system? There are several arguments against installing an automatic sprinkler system in your lawn, among them the significant upfront cost of […]

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5 Ways Sellers Can Prepare for Home Inspection


So you’ve helped your seller find a buyer for their house and you’re getting ready to close the deal, but you have one final hoop to jump through: the home inspection. Some sellers get panicky about the home inspection, worrying that things will fall through […]

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