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Getting to Know Your New Home’s HVAC System

Get to Know Your HVAC System in a New Home

When you’re getting ready to put in an offer or close on a new home, there are a lot of questions you want to ask. How new are the kitchen appliances? Is there surround sound in the home theater? How close is the nearest Starbucks? […]

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HVAC Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

spring home maintenance checklist from Bonfe

We’re finally coming to the end of winter, and your house has weathered a lot over the last few months—extreme temperatures, blustering winds, heavy snowfall, and ice buildup. Pressing the reset button on your house after a harsh winter involves more than a deep spring […]

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How to Conduct a DIY Home Energy Audit

diy home energy audit

If you’re serious about reducing energy use and improving energy efficiency in your home, the best way to identify ways that you might be losing or wasting energy is to hire a professional electrician to perform a home energy audit. However, you can start by […]

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Heat Transfer & Why Insulation Is Important in the Summer

Cold Drink Condensation2--cropped

Late summer in Minneapolis gets awfully steamy. It can be hard to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, even with an excellent air conditioning system. But if your home insulation isn’t up to par, it’s even more difficult to keep your house cool. Many […]

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