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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

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There’s nothing worse than coming home on a late summer evening to find your house is hot and stuffy—the air conditioning shut off while you were at work. Before the frustration sets in, follow this guide to walk through these DIY air conditioner troubleshooting tactics […]

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Summertime Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

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Keeping up with regular sprinkler system maintenance throughout the summer will help your sprinklers continue to perform efficiently and effectively for summers to come. A well-functioning system wastes less water and does a better job at protecting your landscaping investment, whereas a poorly maintained system […]

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Tips for Conserving Outdoor Water Use


During the summer, it can be easy for your water bill to climb along with the temperatures. Long cold showers, extra rounds of laundry, and of course, increased outdoor water use to cool off with water games and to keep your lawn a healthy green […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Work for Bonfe


Bonfe was recently named one of the Star Tribune’s Top 150 Workplaces of 2016. This honor would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and support of our employees. The list is essentially a ranking of employee satisfaction, and companies must first be nominated by […]

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